Different Types of Senior Living Communities


Senior living communities are gaining more attention in the current world where people plan for a secure and independent living even after retirement. These communities are found almost in every state and city with various interesting features that make seniors feel at home. There are two types of senior communities-communities in which a group of seniors live under supervision due to personal or medical preferences; and communities with age restrictions let by the federal government.

Features of Senior Living Communities

The features of good senior living communities address almost every need of the seniors including the physical, psychological, health, moral, healthcare, nursing, and every other age-related need.

Independent rooms, cottages, villas, or apartments, with all facilities are provided for seniors to feel completely independent.
Senior living communities provide assisted living options for seniors who are no more independent and who require medical supervision and nursing assistance. These communities also offer trained nurses to assist seniors with their daily activities as and when required.

The common trouble of Alzheimer’s condition is also addressed with proper medical attention.
Various activities to keep the fitness levels of the seniors both physically as well as mentally are provided in the senior communities.

Certain senior communities also offer personal care services for all the day-to-day tasks for the incapable seniors.

Different Types of Senior Living Communities
Senior living communities are of different types based on various factors such as age, pricing, buying or renting options, etc.

Communities with Age Restrictions: The age restrictions are categorized as ‘age-marketed’ or ‘age-qualified’, based on the requirements of the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) department of the U.S. government. Accordingly, there are targeted age groups ranging between 55 and 62 years and the amenities vary according to the needs of the majority.
Lifestyle Communities: Different like-minded people such as gays, lesbians, people of various economical conditions, marital status, different faith, etc. choose to live in respective communities.
Apartments: Certain communities have only apartments for the seniors who want inexpensive houses either on rent or to buy and have a maintenance-free lifestyle.
Assisted Living Community: Such senior living communities are for seniors who can live independently at the same time require medical supervision or assistance for certain activities.
CCRC or Continuum Care Retirement: These communities provide offer all services such as independent living, assisted living, nursing homes, and much more.

Tips to Choose the Best Senior Living Communities
While you plan for your retirement, there are various factors you must look for to identify the senior community that suits your needs.

You must look for the lifestyle the community offers
You must consider your budget and if it matches with the type of residence the community offers
If you want to buy or rent the premises
Look at the food situation, sharing of food, quality, the type of food that suits you, etc.
Medical assistance provided and the professional services provided by the staff
Most of all pick a community in your locality, as this will help you stay close to your loved ones.


In essence, senior living communities are available for people from all walks of life, various needs, and various lifestyles. These are perhaps the best and safe way to have an independent living after retirement.

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Seniors care service

Now a day we are actually really busy. Sometimes we don’t even have time to eat our food. As with time, our elder people started to age. So we started to think, is this high time to give them professional senior care? If we will ask our loving ones about any help, they will simply decline it. May reply to you with, “No I am okay, do not worry” or something like that. We may sometime also think what society will think if any professional help are taken on this matter. But with this fast forwarding world, things has changed dramatically. Now a day people got lot more option than they used to have in past about senior care.

Let me give a little brief of senior care service.

If your loved ones do not have any serious health issue, then you can consider independent living community for them. It will help them live independent life. They will be given apartment and will live with people of their age. This may help them mentally a lot. Sometimes, they can’t speak to us, can’t share what they are feeling because of our age difference. But with same age people, they will be freer and it can help them as well. Not only that, they will be part of the community which will keep them busy. With having company aside, it will make their life lot easier than we are thinking. This senior care service is mostly used by all.

If your parents are having problem in doing their daily task and have no serious health problem then assisted living is the best option for them. With assisted living applied, people will be appointed to help them. This is one great serious care service. With little help from them, they can do all their daily tasks, like: cleaning, preparing meals and so on. If your parents are conservative and want to take this service from living in home, it can also be done.

If your parents are too old and are having serious problem with their health; need 24 hours care, then you have no option, but to use nursing home facilities. But before that you need to talk with your parents’ doctor to know what they think about it. If you are having problem in giving proper time to your loved ones, then you can’t ignore this problem. You need to be sure, they are taken care of. People who got illness like diabetes, dementia should be admitted here. Though this senior care service is lot expensive than the other two. But with no alternative left, you must follow this. As you can’t leave them alone. So if you want, you can use this senior care service.

You need to understand one thing, do not just ship them right away without talking with them. It may hurt them. You need to talk with them about it, need to discuss for several days and then if they agree, then you need to take this step. Senior care doesn’t mean you will have to do it forcefully. As you will not even know, trying to do it, you may hurt their feelings. So whatever you do, make sure to do it slow.

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Senior Independent Living

Communities for senior Independents are also called as retirement communities or senior living communities where the houses are designed for the seniors of 55 age and older. These communities provide single family homes, cottages and also condominiums along with the apartments. The living senior group offer senior friendly environment, convenient services and other social opportunities such that these senior residents even do not need assistance with the skilled nursing and other activities on 24/7. These Independent living communities for seniors is also popular in the scenario to travel freely irrespective of the stress, burden or management of the home.

Types of Senior independent living:

* Housing Units:

Most of the communities in the community of independent seniors are tied up to the apartment. They offer duplexes, cottages, town-houses, mobile homes, condominiums, etc. In this housing units, there is a option option to buy or even rent for the residents.

* NORC (Naturally occurred retirement community):

This community not originally made or designed for seniors for a huge senior residents increasing the prices. Thus, naturally the people with aged in are migrated or move to new places as the time passed. These communities are not actually meant for the senior resident’s needs.

* Continuing care:

The communities which provide access to the stores along with skilled nursing and assistance based livings. The levels of care can be transferred easily according to the needs by the residents. Memory care facilities are also provided by some CCRC communities.

* Subsidize housing:

HUD (Dept. of housing & urban development) gives this communities to the seniors with lower incomes. These subsidized communities have strict rules having very long waiting lists.

* Senior apartments:

This is one of the most common SIL types of independent living for seniors. The services here include transportation, meals service, recreation programs, etc.

The Senior independent living is less expensive from the available primary living options. The costs vary according to the communities type, location, size of the apartment, services offered, etc. From the surveys the average cost of one bed-room living for senior per month in an apartment is $2,750.

Independent senior living has some properties in which they don’t provide assistance in health along with the activities of routine life lie bathing, toileting, eating, medication, etc. These senior livings differ from continue caring communities who offer most of the other services also along with skilled nursing, assist living. etc.

In-order to meet their additional needs, the community of independent living use third party home health services. Most of the retirement communities, offer laundry services, transportation, errands, social programs, housekeeping, dining services, other activities etc. Some offer live in managers, spas, barber saloons, club houses, alerts for emergencies, etc.

The difference between the Independent senior living and assisted senior living is that – provision of care. The assisted living’s residents always require the guidance with daily activities and assistance like on eating, medication, dressing, etc. Without the clock supervision, Independent living for seniors is independent and are able to survive on their own. Thus, senior independent living strives for well being of the seniors despite the nursing services provided by nursing homes.

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